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For more than 15 years now, we have been offering training and classes at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts in Bergen County, New Jersey that encourage family participation to achieve fitness of mind and body. Regular training and involvement in our core fitness programs will help you achieve a much higher level of fitness then you are probably used to, and your mental fitness will increase right along with it, because you have the self-confidence that comes from knowing you can defend yourself in all situations.

Since we have classes for men, women, and children, we can accommodate all members of the family, and would like to encourage full-family participation as a means of bonding and healthy living. Children as young as three years of age can begin training in our programs right along with other family members, to begin proper development and pave the way for future fitness of mind and body.

We have two different facilities in Bergen County to accommodate students wishing to train with us in the areas of Hackensack and Emerson, as well as the regions surrounding those two cities. At each of these locations, we offer several different types of training and fitness programs that students can take advantage of to achieve their goals. We offer Shotokan Karate, Thai boxing, Kick-boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Children’s Martial Arts, and several core fitness programs which complement each of these training classes.

If you’d like to discuss with us which of these programs is right for you, and which would be the greatest benefit to your lifestyle, call us at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts and let us help you determine how to achieve maximum fitness through martial arts training.

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