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We don’t leave out any member of the family at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts, and that means we also offer kids karate in Hackensack, NJ. Even youngsters can take advantage of our kids fitness programs to boost their self-confidence and improve overall health, by participating in our core training programs, which build fitness and enhance the lessons learned in martial arts classes.

Children as young as three years of age are encouraged to enroll and participate in our kids karate program, so that at the earliest possible age, they can begin to achieve that personal discipline which will serve them well in future years, on into adulthood. For youngsters who are somewhat shy or recessive, the confidence that comes from our training programs may help stop bullying at school, and in other social settings where children gather.

It is always best to begin an early age, because our instructors can instill hard working ethics into youngsters so that, right at the beginning of their lives, they can develop good habits about difficult physical training and mental toughness. While these can also be learned at later ages, it helps to begin this personal discipline at an earlier age, so that it becomes so ingrained as to become part of your personality.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss which of our locations is most convenient for you, as well as the timing of classes. We offer new student specials to make it even easier for young people to become involved in our training programs. We do this deliberately, because we feel all youngsters should have the benefits of mental and physical fitness provided by our kids martial arts programs.

To enroll your child in our kids martial arts program, reach out to us today.

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