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Muay Thai is a martial arts discipline which has achieved international recognition in recent years, because some of the foremost practitioners of it have famously defeated experts from other martial arts disciplines. Muay Thai is a combat sport which originated in Thailand and uses the Thai tradition in various techniques such as clinching, striking, and grappling program, as well as the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins to overcome an opponent.

It is known by several different nicknames, including the ‘art of eight limbs’, Thai boxing, and Muay Thai kick-boxing. Muay Thai in Hackensack, NJ, is one of the special disciplines taught at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts for the enjoyment of our students, as well as for the purpose of providing you with a great opportunity for both mental and physical fitness. We provide wrestling classes, submission wrestling training, and fitness kick boxing training that are helpful for conditioning your body.

Our efficient instructors will teach you all the proper skilled techniques to increase your strength and conditioning, and develop stamina so that your level of fitness is increased dramatically. Your self-confidence will soar to new heights, because you can handle yourself in all emergency situations and crises. Muay Thai will give you a powerful fighting ability, because it makes use of all parts of the body in a personal combat situation, and allows you to defend yourself capably and powerfully.

Even though this martial arts discipline incorporates a high level of skill and fitness, it can be practiced by students of all ages and of all levels of fitness. If you happen to not be in your best physical condition when you begin the program, our instructors will help you to achieve a greater level of athleticism, so that the training program itself can be more effective.

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